The Belt of Chaos

Trapped in a kingdom untouched by time, Sasha Ears must transform into a fearless leader, racing against fate to rescue the prince and her family, or else confront the heart-wrenching reality of their imminent demise.

The Admission Challenges

Embark on Lyon’s extraordinary quest in The Admission Challenges, a gripping tale of resilience and ambition.
As an orphan aspiring to be the greatest treasure hunter, Lyon, confronts life-and-death admission trials at Interfusia University. Failure means more than defeat—it’s a stark choice between success and a perilous fate.
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Shan Shan NieMeet the Author

Meet Shan Shan Nie, a forward-thinking storyteller and accomplished expert who has been influencing and shaping global leaders for more than a decade.
Dive into her debut novel The Belt of Chaos, a powerful manifesto featuring a unique breed of young leaders navigating the unpredictable twists in a fantastical world.

Explore The Belt of Chaos

Join Sasha Ears on a journey through surreal landscapes—a river of exploding popcorn boulders, a crystal labyrinth of mysterious figures, and a castle swarming with armies of dice with tusks—all in her quest for home.