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Shan Shan Nie

Reimagine Leadership, One Page at a Time:
Shan Shan Nie’s Storytelling Adventure

Shan Shan Nie is an unstoppable visionary and storyteller with over a decade of leadership development experience. Born in China and now thriving in the U.S., Shan Shan’s journey is marked by resilience and cultural immersion. Shan Shan has excelled in leadership roles spanning talent management, learning & development, global mobility, HR operations, and business operations. Currently serving as the Global Talent Management, Learning, and Development Associate Director at RTX, she focuses on shaping global leaders.

Beyond her corporate role, Shan Shan is the creative force behind BonkkaView Webcomics, previously published on DramaFever (a video streaming website owned by Warner Bros) and Windsor Journal Weekly, the local newspaper of Windsor, Connecticut. A Harvard University Extension School alumna with a Master of Liberal Arts in Creative Writing and Literature, Shan Shan resides in South Windsor, Connecticut. She enjoys painting and ice skating.
What inspires her storytelling journey for the next generation:

Throughout Shan Shan’s exploration of helping leaders navigate the corporate world, she has made a fascinating observation – lots of grown-ups with superhero job skills struggle to lead their teams. They’re like explorers without a map, trying to navigate through chaos and risking disaster with every step.

This observation sparks a desire within Shan Shan to provide young people with a head start in the realm of leadership. She firmly believes that anyone can become a leader, and she is on a mission to share the secrets of leadership with emerging leaders.

To fulfill this mission, Shan Shan has crafted The Belt of Chaos, an extraordinary young adult fantasy narrative—a riveting adventure that demystifies the art of leadership, unveiling the secrets of leading like a seasoned professional amid the unpredictable twists and turns of a fantastical world.
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