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The Admission Challenges

The Admission Challenges unfolds as a captivating tale of resilience and ambition. In a world where Lyon, an orphan and societal outcast, aspires to become the most renowned treasure hunter, his journey is far from ordinary.

The crux of Lyon’s quest for greatness hinges on securing a coveted spot at Interfusia University, an esteemed institution nestled in a high-tech wonderland. Competing against fourteen others, Lyon confronts a series of Admission Challenges that surpass the boundaries of mental and physical strength. Failure is not an option; the consequences are as dire as life itself.

Each challenge immerses Lyon in technological marvels, unveiling a life beyond even his wildest imagination. Yet, as the journey progresses, these survival trials transform into pivotal moments, capable of either elevating Lyon to legendary status or plunging his journey into a daunting battleground. Will Lyon defy the odds?
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