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We are on the lookout for advance copy readers! If you’d like to be an advance reader for Shan Shan, please read the information and find the application below.

What is an Advance Reader Copy (ARC)?

An Advance Reader Copy, also known as an ARC, is like a sneak peek of a book before it hits the shelves. It’s an unproofed version given to reviewers before the official release.

What Do Advance Readers Do?

Well, the cool job of advance readers is to dive into these early copies, the ARCs. They are the trendsetters who read and review books even before they officially come out. Their reviews are like golden nuggets for other readers, giving them a heads-up on whether a book is their cup of tea before making a purchase.
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Please note: We are specifically seeking readers interested in Young Adult fiction. If you’re ready for an epic journey, click “Yes” above! If not, no worries. Feel free to return and explore Shan Shan’s future endeavors.

Thank you for your response. Currently, we’re offering complimentary advance reader copies only to those interested in providing feedback. You’re welcome to explore and purchase any of Shan Shan’s published books. Appreciate your understanding!

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Join Sasha Ears on a journey through surreal landscapes—a river of exploding popcorn boulders, a crystal labyrinth of mysterious figures, and a castle swarming with armies of dice with tusks—all in her quest for home.